Personal Devotion and Worship


Every follower of Jesus Christ is ultimately reponsible for His or Her own connection with God. We believe you are as close to God as you want to be and if you are far away from Him, He is not the one who moved.

Our service times will be marked by opportunities to develop your relationship with God through music, prayer, kneeling, dancing, and other expressions that help us experience His presence.

Our teaching will open new avenues and offer new insights in ways to encounter Jesus on a daily basis - not only during our services but, as God intended, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We believe worship and devotion is a full time job.

Finally, we believe true worship, and true devotion, always leads to outward thinking, living life for God and others. At Daylight Church you will have many opportunites to do just that.



Celebration of Discipline - Richard Foster

Practicing the Presence of Jesus Christ - Wally Armstrong

Letters From a Martyred Christian - H.L. Hussmann



1) Humanitarian Service - Loving God with our Hearts.

2) Personal Devotion and Worship - Loving God with our Souls.

3) Study and Apologetics - Loving God with our Minds.

4) Missions and Outreach - Loving God with our Strength.

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