BUILDING PEOPLE: We will help people reach their full potential.
We want to maximize the potential of every life that connects with our community. People are our greatest asset and the goal of everything we do.

OUTREACH: We believe Christian maturity is seen in outreach.
God has called the church to create disciples (followers) of Jesus. Followers of Jesus share His passion for reaching people.

REALITY AND RELEVANCE: We are who we are.
We won't pretend to be something we're not.

THRIVING: We will expand and grow.
The more people who experience Jesus, the better.

THOUGHTFUL COMMUNICATION: We will talk like normal people.
Not everyone who attends Daylight has a religious background. They don’t know the lingo, so we ditch it.

SACRIFICE: We will pay a high price.
We won’t be afraid to ask people to make sacrifices. We will give up our lives for something larger than life.

GENEROSITY AND PRUDENCE: We will honor God with our money.
God will get us what we need, lead us in our decisions, and show us where to spend it. We will serve others with our financial resources.

INTELLECTUAL RIGOR: We will use our brains.
There are difficult questions faced by Christians, and we will address them. We will explore the “intellectual” side of faith.


FOCUS: We will major on the majors.
There is a God. He came to earth as a man—Jesus Christ. He is in the business of changing lives from the inside out. That is our point of focus.

FEARLESSNESS: We will move forward without fear.
We’ll experiment, explore, engage, and experience. We’ll try new things. If they don’t work, we’ll try something else.

WISDOM: We want to know God’s mind.
We will seek God’s solution in every situation. When we don’t know specifics, we’ll stick to His principles.

DEVOTION: We surrender.
We are committed to the Scriptures as our greatest source of instruction. We will pray and seek God. We will worship Him in our words, songs, and activities.

CALM TRUST: We can't change the world. God can.
We will work hard and set goals, but we won't strive or stress. God is building Daylight.

ORDERED FREEDOM: We expect a genuine move of God.
We will believe for the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit in the midst of order and normalcy.

COMPELLING EVENTS: We hate boredom as much as you do.
This is a flash-bang society and our events should keep one's attention.