Apologetics and Study


C.S. Lewis said, "The heart cannot rejoice in what the mind rejects as false."

At Daylight Church we believe in confronting the difficult questions of faith and dealing with them in a way that is sensitive to the genuine intellectual needs of people. You won't hear "You just have to accept it by faith" as an answer to your questions.

The study of apologetics (defending the faith) has two primary purposes: 1) It will encourage you in your own faith journey. 2)It will give you confidence when dealing with the intellectual challenges we face so often - enabling you to share your worldview without fear.

Daylight services and events will often deal with these difficult issues. Our events will include seminars and lectures on apologetics and debates on various topics such as "creation and evolution", "religion and science", and "the resurrection of Jesus."

We also believe as part of our worship and devotion, each believer should be dedicated to the art of studying - reading, memorizing, and meditating on the Bible and other materials.



I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist -Norman Geisler and Frank Turek

Tactics -Greg Koukl

The Case for Faith and The Case For Christ - Lee Strobel

Letters From a Skeptic - Gregory Boyd



1) Humanitarian Service - Loving God with our Hearts.

2) Personal Devotion and Worship - Loving God with our Souls.

3) Study and Apologetics - Loving God with our Minds.

4) Missions and Outreach - Loving God with our Strength.

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