Missions and Outreach


At Daylight Church we see Jesus as being in the business of changing lives. He takes people who are confused, lonely, desparing, or heartbroken and transforms them.

Because we believe in His power to do this, we dedicate our lives to getting His message out. We think this goes well beyond just living "good lives" and we are intentional and strategic about sharing the Gospel (Good News) with both our circles of influence but with total strangers.

Daylight attendees will be constantly encouraged to engage the world around them with tact, love, and wisdom. And there are a thousand ways to do this.

We also believe Jesus loves every person of every culture in the world. A significant percentage of all money that goes through Daylight's hands will be sent outside of church walls to missionaries and humanitarian charities throughout the world.

Many of our groups, services, and events will be focused primarily on creating a bridge for people to cross to come into a relationship with Jesus.