Daylight for Louisville

"The path of the just is like the first gleam of dawn, shining brighter and brighter until the full light of day.” Proverbs 4:18

Daylight Church is dedicated to the concept of Light for Louisville - Light for the World. We believe Jesus Christ is the Light of the World and we desire to know Him and make Him known.

We believe Jesus was God incarnate - God as Man - and that He came into the world as a light, given to men to show them the way to God the Father. We believe that through His life, death, and resurrection He made it possible for self-centered people to be changed from the inside out and start fresh in life. We also believe He is real, present today, and active in our lives. He is our greatest desire.

We believe that God the Father is the Creator of all things. We believe time, space, and matter burst into being as a result of His words and that modern science confirms this. We believe He is too big to understand but have a lot of fun learning as much as we can, which is a lot. He's everywhere, knows everything that can be known, and can do anything that can be done. He's huge and amazing and we love Him.

We believe the Holy Spirit is an equal part of the Godhead (The Trinity) and that He is personal and working in and through us. We believe followers of Jesus can be filled to overflowing with God's Spirit and that He works miracles, blows people's minds with what He can do, and shows up when we seek Him. We see Him as a Helper, Friend, and Counselor and desire His leading in every aspect of our daily lives.

We believe the Bible is a literary collection inspired by God over a period of a few thousand years by people of varied backgrounds, different languages, and different cultures. It's incredible and uniform - telling the unfolding story from creation to the end of time. We believe God "breathed" His words into the thoughts of men and flowed through their pens to Give us His Scriptures - for study, rebuke, discipline, instruction, peace, and understanding. It's great, great stuff and we base our lives on it.


Our Four Pillars

We believe the entire duty of man can be summed up in four short words: Love God, Love people. We believe life was meant to be lived for something bigger than "me" - something outside of "me."

Because we believe this, we are building a church based on four pillars:

1) Humanitarian Service - Loving God with our Hearts.

2) Personal Devotion and Worship - Loving God with our Souls.

3) Study and Apologetics - Loving God with our Minds.

4) Missions and Evangelism - Loving God with our Strength.

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